Common phrase: “To 2014 like it was even good…”


A lot of people. A man came in, retired,stutters. Do not pull the rent, the debt 64K Cut the power, since February without light lives. The usual story. Ask UK directly.

The guy is an orphan, housing was not given, when produced, through the court received the decision. No one performs. He put in Polevskoy. There resale is inexpensive. They say there is no money. I will tell you where to get Governor one day, he flew with his entourage to Ufa — 800.000, then the day in mound -650.000 here think the guy’s apartment and travel. We help him and try to recover more compensation — it is having the right to their homes, for six years pays for removable.

Then came the man from Mariupol, a native of here,he came to the relatives. I ask, however, that we fired on a peaceful city? He clenched his teeth and nodded his head. Then he says: Yes. We were shooting at us…
Then came Vladimir Ivanovich, who coached one of the best young sprinters in the country, the student of URFU Alexey Laptev. Just no money for that, and the huge potential guy. I try to help.
Then came the believer-Pomortsev. A long-standing problem with the room. Suggested, more will come, I’ll try to help.
Then the woman came, in 15 years, housing has moved to 100 people. It comes in 45 years.
You have to understand that until the law on privatization, the city will not build social housing, this problem will not be solved.
Again came the lady with no teeth. Almost all here aged 65 and older have problems with their teeth. No chance of a free replacement no. And pay no money. I think that is the shame of the country. The problem can be solved, a question of priorities. And this woman, we as could, consoled, bought her medicine for a few thousand, Yes, a little bit of money helped.

The woman is persistent. Mother 34 G. R. labor Veteran, the widow of the veteran, the invalid of 1-St gr. can’t get it up too many years. The pension is 20 thousand And the care of critically ill Handbook 1380 RUB For housing and medicine, 12-13 thousand per month. And her daughter, quit his job, not waiting for retirement, because the mother was in need of care. And they hoped that the daughter will pay a pension, and they finally healed. But the retirement age was raised and she threw another three years! Hands down. A matter of survival. Who wants to help, can contact us to participate.

Then a woman came in, worked with her husband in the laboratory, received for housing, then the husband defended himself, got divorced, got a half-million, one-bedroom apartment and moved. And it began to move on the court, she had 5 months to reclusivity housing. Let’s try to solve, there Uro working good people.


Then came the Basil from Bugulma, brought Goodies from the brothers-Tatars: Honey, sour cream, solid, like butter, chak-chak and local condensed milk. Small guest set. Treat everyone.

Then the guy came, Shahumyan 24, where the boarding school, huge Park right on the lawn. A lot of cars on the bare ground. Genomes. Contacted the city. Let’s try to solve it.

Then came the sensible man on the square for advice. Said, “You know, the city is a revolutionary situation!” And I just, you know, and as I know well my city and all the participants, see what can happen. The Governor and the visitor can not understand where they were, and we here all understand. But, it seems, is already came to Moscow that here, so p******that does not seem little. Nothing I your own words?

Then a few people with a small business, all banked. Common phrase: “To 2014 and everything seemed even and well…” Trying to help, agree, suggest, give contacts.
Then came the old ecologist Margaret. She recently began to deteriorate the character and she is very thin, there’s not. Went to the doctor, she was sent for tests, there is a queue, the wait unbearable, but paid no money. He looked at her, shook his head, phoned the cancer center, agreed, called a taxi and sent.

Then I Light that helps me to receive, says: “look, I managed to draw a pension, I counted 12 thousand If I pay for an apartment, I will be about 200 rubles per day. This money should be spent more on transport, medicines and so on. Not that wow cannot buy, nowhere to go fail, either in the theatre or in a cafe to go, I’m not sure I would be able to live”
In view of the foregoing, based on the opinion of people who come to the reception, I would like to say all branches of government at once: you Go to * * * with such of your internal and external policies and all, its hopeless stability. Clearly explained?

So started on Friday and our reception. To tell more?

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