5 years of my life wasted


“Young people in Russia get married at the expense of the wallets of parents for the celebration. Young people critical of the party than be responsible for the creation of a new cell companies. And the reason for the temporary “cohabitation” and the responsibility for the divorce is the lack of proper upbringing”.

This opinion was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party, the Chairman of the Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev. She was outraged by the initiative legislatively to equate civil unions to the official after 5 years of living together. She believes that after such period will turn out “it is unclear”.

The most brilliant idea the MP was the presentation of medals to spouses who are married. Tamara Vasilievna, are You serious? Medal? Maybe it has to do made of crystal or porcelain on the 15th and the 20th anniversary? But even such “minor” timing the Deputy considers. Were specifically marked 25 and 50 years. With all that she offers to celebrate the couple “publicly”. I imagine out in the yard all the neighbors and “genuinely happy” for your anniversary.

Tamara Pletnev is also known for his statements, published before the world Championship on football-2018. She urged the Russians not to engage in a sexual relationship with foreigners, because girls can be deceived and abandoned by the tourists, and then alone to give birth and raise children. It is not necessary to hang up labels. If someone has not worked, so it’s not from foreigners. it depends on our with them different mentalities. But there are so many positive examples of where the citizens live in happiness and build family relationships.

The days when the state could get into the private life of couples and honeymooners and influence their future relations – passed. Now it is the age of the free generation where young people in work and self-searching trying to find time for a personal life, spend 5 years living together in a civil marriage, to check the seriousness of, and it’s in “bed” climbs Tamara Pletnev and says what’s going on “it is unclear”.

The only thing now necessary for young couples is financial support or assistance with living, but not medals and councils of chairmen of Committee of the state Duma from the Communist party. Maybe then young people will not ask the parents money for the event, and finally become a responsible attitude to marriage.

Pletnev offered a material reward for many years of marriage. This is certainly a good thing, but the people living for extended periods in a marriage, during this time, jointly acquired property, gave birth to and raised children. Let me remind you, we are talking about couples who have lived together 25 and 50 years, and not this is now “unclear”. And the youth still ahead. They have to think about the “family nest”, the children, their welfare and education. Would be better if the deputies thought to help to realize such plans, and not to condemn attempts to increase the the demographics.

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