The experts considered the average difference between claimed and actual fuel consumption


The final figures turned out pretty great.

The experts of Carly analyzed data from more than 1 million cars from different countries collected in the period from 2004 to 2016, according with reference to .

It turns out that cars traveling an average of 19 300 km per year spend on fuel of 1 152 dollars more than would be expected from fuel efficiency claimed by the manufacturers.

According to Carly, the biggest difference in the claimed manufacturers fuel consumption and those that are actually observed in the car 2016 with diesel engines. They have an average fuel consumption 75% more than is said about it officially.

“For a long time there are contradictions in fuel consumption. Standards of atmospheric emissions of CO2 are tightened, and motorists need a powerful and luxury cars. This is a contradiction. Automakers are due to new standards, CO2 emissions have to reduce fuel consumption. But all the data on efficiency obtained in laboratory conditions. In reality, the numbers are quite different.Of course, it is difficult to predict fuel consumption, as it is affected by several factors such as individual driving style of a particular motorist. But a concern that the announced official figures of fuel consumption are very different from the actual performance,” said avid Avini, one of the company executives Carly.

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